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What is an ad network? is an experienced team of professionals, an innovative platform and new solutions that will take your results to the next level.How do we differ from competitors?

Our advantages for webmasters:

  • high rates for profile geos;
  • personal manager;
  • we do not interfere with other advertising formats, but only increase the total income;
  • multi-currency payments;
  • convenient personal account;
  • high-quality and safe advertising.

Our advantages for advertisers:

  • only high-quality “live” traffic;
  • support of highly qualified specialists at all stages of the advertising campaign;
  • personal manager 24/7;
  • convenient personal account;
  • various traffic topics, for any product/service.

Banner sticker (JPG, GIF, PNG, HTML)


500х200 for vertical orientation of the mobile device;
728x90 for horizontal orientation of the mobile device;
up to 300 kb;


.gif, .png, .jpg, .html

Video sticker (MP4)


up to 5 mb



Video Preroll (MP4)



A promotional video that is loaded before the start of the online video requested by the user and lasts up to 30 seconds.


Popunder pages are created to increase conversions. The correct arrangement of images, text, calls to action helps to move the user through the sales funnel faster. Depending on the goals, each business determines the conversion for itself. For some, this is registration, for others - a subscription to the newsletter, for others - a purchase.

Get FREE promotional materials when depositing
from 500$
get one or two banners to choose from, .jpg, .gif format
from 1000$
get two or three banners .jpg, .gif format. And landing page or one html banner
from 2000$
get landing page and also html banner
Our ad network rules

For webmasters:

1. Requirements for sites:

  • attendance of 1000 hosts per day or more;
  • lack of advertising that would block our formats;
  • lack of CAP traffic;
  • no bot traffic.

2. System rules prohibit:

  • to boost attendance;
  • create additional accounts for the same resource;
  • any modification of the advertising code without prior agreement with the personal manager;
  • place advertising materials on sites that are not registered in the system without an agreement with a personal manager;
  • encourage users to click on advertising materials;
  • placement, in which advertising materials will be superimposed;
  • place an advertising code in a stub (without the consent of the manager).

3. Blocking sites and changing tariffs:

  • the network administration has the right to stop buying advertising on the site due to violations of the rules from paragraph 2;
  • the network administration has the right to change the tariff at its discretion, unilaterally;
  • the administration has the right to block the site or refuse to cooperate without explaining the reasons;
  • by registering, you agree to receive email notifications from the site administration;

For advertisers:

  1. The price is formed individually based on the statistics and category of the project. All details can be obtained from the manager.
  2. We work with sites in the category Cinema, Music, News, Entertainment, Adult.
  3. Payment is made to a webmoney or Yandex wallet. If necessary, other payment methods can be discussed with the manager.
  4. We are always happy to help launch campaigns. Depending on the budget, our team can develop new banners or popunders for you. Each advertiser has a personal manager who monitors KPIs.
How to start earning in the system?
Register in our system on your own or write to any contact convenient for you, which are listed in the "Contacts" tab of the site. After that, our manager will contact you in the nearest future, and will help you organize work with us, will answer all your questions and will make working with us more convenient for you.
What is the minimum amount of traffic a site must have in order for you to accept it?
We accept sites with traffic from 1000 hosts per day or more. For webmasters who have larger projects, we can make an exception, everything is discussed, write to us in support of webmasters.
When and how are payments made?
Payments are made weekly on Mondays. The minimum payout amount is 150 rubles. Payments are made through the webmoney payment system. Regarding the withdrawal of funds to other payment systems, write to our support.
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